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The aluminum alloy metal bridge is formed by aluminum alloy extrusion. It has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, good strength, beautiful appearance, light weight and high bearing capacity. The surface of aluminum alloy metal bridge is sandblasted and oxidized to form natural antirust agent. Thin film, which has a great impact on the atmosphere and chemical media. The aluminum alloy metal bridge has strong corrosion resistance, simple structure, novel style, large load, light weight, corrosion resistance, long service life, and convenient installation. It is suitable for general situation areas. In haze, high humidity and corrosive coastal areas, it can show the unique corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy bridge.
Aluminum alloy metal bridge adopts aluminum alloy extrusion molding, with high dimensional accuracy, good strength, beautiful appearance, light weight and strong bearing capacity. After sand blasting and oxidation treatment, the surface forms a natural oxide protective film, which has a strong corrosion ability to atmospheric and chemical media. Bridge has important practical value in modern industry, modern national defense and modern high-tech. The design of aluminum alloy bridge system must ensure that the bridge can meet the total number of cables to be laid in the project. And leave room. When estimating the weight of the cable, it is necessary to correctly select the load level and consider the tolerance tolerance. Temporary additional concentrated load for construction and maintenance or other special loads that must be considered.
Aluminum alloy metal bridge
The system design shall indicate the travel direction of the aluminum alloy bridge, the specification of the pallet or ladder, the number of layers, the position of various curves, the setting points and settings of widening, lifting and expansion plates. Clothes hangers and related dimensions. The system outline shall indicate the interlayer spacing of the aluminum alloy bridge, the interlayer elevation of the hanger, the elevation change in the direction of travel, and the installation method of the hanger. A detailed list of specifications and quantities of trays, ladders, elbows, brackets and hangers as well as main accessories required for the aluminum alloy bridge system shall be prepared, and the technical requirements for load level and handling shall be pointed out. Surface. When designing the system, priority should be given to standard series of products, and detailed drawings and technical descriptions should be provided for non-standard parts required by the project.
The aluminum alloy metal bridge has excellent anti-corrosion performance. In order to obtain better corrosion resistance, some relevant galvanizing treatment is usually carried out during the production process of the product, because after such treatment, even in some relatively inferior situations, it can be guaranteed that no corrosion will occur. Influence or damage to the use of this product. Including some common methods, there may be some external treatment methods and some waste treatment capacity.
The anti-corrosion performance of aluminum alloy metal bridge and some related methods are more suitable, and some better methods can also be used to replace it. The brightness can be guaranteed in actual use. There are three different application requirements in actual operation, including some relatively harsh conditions and some moderate conditions.